Heritage and Traditions through the Youth of Latin and Latin Americans in Tampa Bay

Our Latino Culture and Heritage. Was celebrated on september 24, 2023, at Water Works Park in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, our organization specifically identifies the significance of cultural ethnicity to the development of character and sense of self. Language and cultural traditions form part of the web that makes a person who she or […]

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Kike Barrios

Kike Barrios Music Colombian Author and Singer joined the Festival of Heritage and Traditions through the youth of Latin and Latin Americans in Tampa Bay! Held on September 24, 2023, at Water Works Park in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month  

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Mercy Full Project

Mercy Full Project. They are a non-profit organization that focuses its efforts mainly on animal rescue and helping the helpless puppies, dogs, and cats in our community. Adopt now! https://mercyfullprojects.org/ Sponsored by  PAWBB LLC 

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CEOs Orientation

The Orientation Happy Hour. We attended and learned more about the program, engaged with CEOs in the program, gained insight, and saw success stories and lasting relationships that have resulted from this initiative. attended Ambassador Nykol Rodriguez on October 19, 2023, at Hillsborough Education Foundation.  

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Leto High School

Leto High School celebrando el mes de “La Herencia Hispana” Una noche de celebración con la participación y representación de bailes de las escuelas del condado de Hillsborough County.    

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Feria de la Salud

Feria de la Salud. Esta feria presentado por  HCCTB, ofreció muchos servicios en el área de la salud completamente gratis, para favorecer a toda la comunidad. Se realizó en las instalaciones de la Universidad Ana G. Méndez en Tampa, y contó con la participación de algunas Clínicas de Salud.

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William Middle Magnet School

William Middle Magnet School at Hillsborough County Public School. We were honored to participate on October 3, sharing with the students the Culture and Heritage of Young Latinas in Tampa Bay. Williams Middle Magnet, a top-ranked IB World School in East Tampa, has been a proud “A” school for more than a decade, routinely winning

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