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The Summer Program teaches skills that school and home life cannot always accomplish. The goal of our summer camp program is to work with our attendees on personal development, to foster habits of reading with a purpose, and to supplement their characters in other areas of vital importance in their growth such as art, fitness, dance, music, health, financial advice, safety, and character development.

Our Program:


Summer Program / Programa de Verano

For Girls / Niñas 8-11 years old
  The Summer program teaches skills that school and home cannot always accomplish. The goal is to work with our participants on their personal development and other areas of vital importance for their growth.

  El programa de verano enseña habilidades que en la escuela y el hogar no siempre se pueden lograr. El objetivo es trabajar con los participantes en su desarrollo personal y otras áreas de vital importancia para su crecimiento.8

Empowering Women / Empoderando Latinas

For Youth women / Jóvenes 12-21 years old
  To provide all young females in the community with the opportunity to participate in our program regardless of their skill level. Through this program, young females will be taught to improve their skills, positive self-image, and internal beauty.

  La oportunidad de participar en nuestro programa independientemente de su nivel de habilidad. A través de este programa, se enseñará a las jóvenes a mejorar sus habilidades, su autoimagen positiva y su belleza interior.

→  When a girl believes in her ability to overcome mistakes and accomplish tasks all on her own, she will feel empowered to take on challenges in school and in life.
→  After 12 years old, girls make strides toward adulthood by becoming competent, independent, self-aware, and involved in the world beyond their families.
→  The key to helping your daughter trust in their abilities is to look for opportunities to challenge them and then let them seek solutions on their own.

Formulario de Audiciones

Walk in / In person
Office Hours Monday – Saturday (by appointment only)
Twin Parks Office 2901 Busch Blvd Suite 311 Tampa FL 33618
Call us: 813 520 3143
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Payment Plan:
Installment agreement is available when registering for the summer program. All installment payments must be completed by May 29, 2024.
To hold your spot in the summer program you must make a payment arrangement
($25.00 down) or pay in full at registration.

In contrast with other programs that aim to improve the livelihood of community youth, our program specifically identifies the significance of cultural ethnicity to the development of character and sense of self. Language and cultural traditions form part of the web that makes a person who she or he is, and it is important to recognize, emphasize, and understand that fact.

Our Team:

We empower the participants and families of Tampa Bay with opportunities to achieve their aspirations and maximize their impact through our programs.

Requirement: You must understand our community and its needs, have passion for our cause, and work well in a group

Become an instructor and share your passion with our community!
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813 520 3143   Email us:

You are you!
You are unique!
You are intelligent!
You are amazing!
You are talented!
You are a gift from God!
You are you!

Additional services we are offering to support our program and succeed the participants include a workshop for parents called Family Engagement Strategies and Tools. The objective of this workshop is to give parents strategies and tools that allow them to assume the commitment and responsibility of raising children, as well as of building relationships of respect and trust with them.


This year we are excited to offer a new structure for our Summer Program!
Applications are open.
The volunteer program is for students ages 16-21, who have completed their second year of high school.

Call us: 813 520 3143
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