Mlt Training

Así se vivió el entrenamiento 2023

Un día de Sesión Fotográfica. It was an incredible picture day and training. Miss Latina Tampa really makes the training a loving supportive environment. Thanks to all people involved in it. During these weeks improve our personal skills, develop a positive self-image, and recognize our internal beauty, learning the important values of respect, commitment, life, […]

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Training 2023 (II)

La capacitación empodera a la juventud. El objetivo de nuestro programa de verano es trabajar con nuestras participantes en el desarrollo personal, fomentándoles nuevos hábitos y complementando su carácter en otras áreas de vital importancia en su crecimiento. Nuestros asistentes participan en actividades vitales para el desarrollo de una persona completa, como desarrollo personal,

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Training 2023

 Training youth empowerment The goal of our summer program is to work with our participants on personal development, foster new habits, and supplement their characters in other areas of vital importance in their growth. Our attendees engage in activities vital for the development of a complete person, such as Personal Development, self-esteem, developing your own

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Participantes 2022

Participantes 2022 We are honored to introduce our participants 2022, they were an amazing group that demonstrated talent, commitment, respect, friendliness, and more. We will continue to support them with more activities during the year, our mission is to grow their overall development as a person through improvements in self-esteem, personal confidence, strategic thinking, discipline,

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Training 2022

Training of Miss Latina Tampa We offered workshops and presentations that highlight the benefits and opportunities for the younger Latina women in Tampa Bay. It was our ambition to continue setting an example of adaptation and teaching to our young Latin community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.

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